How Authorization Works

Authorization is based on the types of publishing rules described in Publishing Rules.

An asset's authorization is given if its publishing rule passes EITHER of the following conditions for a valid user. This also applies to a label that includes the asset.

CONDITION 1: The asset's publishing rule is valid but user entitlement is not set.

In the Backlot UI this means the asset's publishing rule does not have "Require user entitlement" checked. In the API this means the publishing rule's property require_user_entitlement was set to false.


CONDITION 2: If a valid user tries to stream an asset with a valid publishing rule that has "Require user entitlement" checked or set to true, and at least one entitlement remains unused for the asset.

Multiple entitlements can relate to the same asset, but as long as one of the entitlements passes for the user, authorization is given and access allowed.