Program Analytics Insight Report

The Program Analytics Insight report summarizes in graphical form the audience size and other metrics for your programs.

A "program" in this context is the schedule, assets, and virtual assets you combine with Ooyala Schedule to form groups of content to be aired at specified times. For example, with Ooyala Schedule you might create a program to run four times in one week. After the program airs, the Program Analytics Insight Report aggregates data from all four airings to create statistical graphs, which are described here. For more information, refer to the technical details in Ooyala Schedule.

The Program Analytics Insights report in PDF is emailed weekly, every Monday morning, to your defined distribution list.

Audience Size by Program

The Audience Size by Program graph shows the total number of viewers during the specified period, in descending order, with the program with the smallest audience last.
Audience By Size

Program Audience, Aggregate and Individual

For each program, the Program Audience section includes two graphs, both of which correlate specific data points the time ticks of the program as it was aired during the reporting period.
First, the aggregated audience size for the week is shown, mapped to the length of the program. The X axis is the length of the program in minutes. All airings of the program in the specified time period are combined into this one chart.
Aggregated Audience
Second, the Organic/Lead-in chart correlates the audience size for specific airing the "unaggregated" audience of an individual airing of the program. The date and time of the airing is shown in the graph title. Again, the X axis is the length of the program in minutes.