Set a Processing Profile

When you add new content via the Backlot UI, you can select a processing profile.

Note: Selecting a processing profile is optional during the asset upload process in the Backlot UI. You can leave the selecton on Automatic processing if you wish.

To set a Processing Profile:

  1. Go to the MANAGE page and click ADD NEW CONTENT.
  2. Select VIDEO or AUDIO. (You can have two default processing profiles: one audio and one video).
  3. In the Add Asset pop up window, add an asset by clicking BROWSE as you would normally.
  4. Below, you can see there is a Processsing Profile option.
  5. In the Processing Profile drop down menu, you will see the list of processing profiles available to you.
  6. Select your processing profile. Default profiles will be indicated by >>.
  7. Click UPLOAD, and this processing profile will be applied to the asset during ingestion.
Note: If you are uploading a VR 360 asset, Backlot will automatically pick the relevant processsing profile for you.