Implementation Notes for Theme Builder

Note: Theme Builder is designed to work with both Ooyala Player V4 and Player V3. There are some differences in the way you configure playlists for Player V4, as described in Using Playlists in Player V4.

The following is a list of implementation notes for Theme Builder as of January 17, 2014

  1. Ooyala Player Framework (OPF) modules are not loaded or active in the Theme Builder UI, but are loaded/activated when the embed is put into a web page.
  2. Highlight colors do not work on all text within player.
  3. On the Embed tab, with Fluid width and with height and width set to 0, Microsoft Internet Explorer v10 web browser does not display the player correctly. Other browsers work as expected. Workaround: Set the width and height values of the parent <div> container for the player on the webpage when rendered on IE.
  4. On the Embed tab, when the end screen is displayed, the Back to Start button does not work.
  5. For images, the suggested aspect ratio is 4:3 and suggested image dimensions are 320 pixels x 240 pixels. (Higher resolutions are allowed but not recommended.) Image file size limit is 1MB.
  6. On the Players tab, The Overflow setting of Paging sometimes results extra, unnecessary rows when a playlist size differs form the number of rows specified.
  7. Be careful while selecting thumbnail sizes, metadata and text sizes. Results can vary from your expectations.
  8. If you select a player that has More Videos enabled via Ooyala Backlot), on the Embed tab in the Theme Builder UI, More Videos is not shown. However, when the embed is put into a web page, More Videos is shown.
  9. Loading icon is displayed off-center for HTML5 player when used with playlists.

Support for Flash Player V3 and HTML5 Player V3

You cannot apply any Theme Builder player customizations (color, highlight, pause screen info, etc.) to the HTML5 player. Specifically, the settings in the Player configuration areas headed “Settings”, “Controls” and “Screens” only apply to the Flash player. You apply player customizations to the v3 HTML5 player with CSS and JavaScript.

However, the settings in the “Pods” section of the UI do work with the HTML5 Player, as do the settings for Playlists and Embed. Playlist and pod customizations, which are HTML5, work with both Flash and HTML5 players.

OPF Modules Not Active in Theme Builder

Developing Custom Client Modules for HTML5 Player V3 (Deprecated) modules (custom client-side JavaScript) defined for a video player are not active "inside" Theme Builder. This includes but is not limited to features such as About Discovering and Recommending Content. You will not see Discovery recommendations while you work in Theme Builder.

Theme Builder relies a demo player to show the user interface effects of the design choices you make and purposefully does not duplicate all the features and functions of a video player in production. If you include a player previously configured to use OPF, you will not see those features while you are designing in Theme Builder. However, when your resulting embed is put into a production web page, all features will function fully as you expect.

Propagating Changes among Backlot and Theme Builder

You might notice a slight delay for the changes you make in Backlot to appear in Theme Builder, or vice versa.