Ad Set Fields for FreeWheel Ad Manager

The fields described here are for Backlot ad sets with ad source set to FreeWheel ad manager in the Backlot UI.

Note: Always check your ad source's documentation for exact meaning of a field.
Field Name Description
MRM Network ID A unique identifier assigned by FreeWheel that identifies a company. Clients are assigned their own Network ID during integration, and the player passes this value to the AdManager before making an ad request.
Player Profile A set of configurations that define what ads will be playable given the player environment and framework. For example, profiles ensure that the Ad Server does not try to return Silverlight ads for a Flash player. This is set up in the backend during integration, and the correct profile for the player to set will be provided by FreeWheel.
Video Asset Network ID The piece of content a user is viewing. The player will need to identify the asset to the AdManager for targeting purposes, using the custom asset ID provided via FreeWheel's Bulk Video Ingestion (BVI).
Site Section ID The site section tag is a string that identifies the site section, similar to the custom video ID for a video asset. This is the site section tag as specified by you in the Network Module.

While the player does not directly interact with BVI, this is the system by which the Custom Asset ID that it will supply is entered into the FreeWheel system. Consequently, the player will need access to at least some of the same CMS information so it can provide this identifier. 

Site Section ID Type Type of Site Section ID
Site Section Network ID Unique identifier of site section network to segment ad retrieval
Tracking Pixel URL URL for tracking pixels to monitor the delivery of your ad assets
Note: Integration with FreeWheel's HTML5 player requires additional configuration settings. Contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.