Ad Set Fields for Google IMA V3

The fields described here are for Backlot ad sets with ad source set to Google IMA V3.

Note: We are deprecating and deactivating versions of the Google IMA SDK prior to IMA3. DoubleClick, DoubleClick Overlay, Google AdSense Video, Google AdSense Overlay, and Google AdSense Endcap will no longer be supported as ad sources in the Backlot UI and API. However, DoubleClick and AdSense ads will still be supported via the Google IMA V3 Ad Source using the ad tag url. Please contact your Customer Success Manager and Brightcove Technical Support for migration instructions. You need to migrate all of your Ad Sets to use the latest and correct Ad Source, Google IMA V3, to avoid playback problems from using deprecated or non-supported versions of Google IMA. Google IMA on Ooyala Player V3 for HTML5 and on Ooyala Player V4 does not support Ad Frequency settings.

The fields below pertain to integrating an ad set in the Backlot UI with the Google IMA V3 ad source.

Note: Always check your ad source's documentation for exact meaning of a field.
Field Name Description
Tracking Pixel URL URL for tracking pixels to monitor the delivery of your ad assets
When should this ad play? Time setting for ad start, either in seconds or percentage
Ad Position Where ad should be played: pre-roll, in-stream (mid-roll), post-roll, or ad rules.
Ad rules should be used if the ad tag is using ad rules in DFP. You can apply one ad rule ad tag per video. The ad rule can contain multiple ad positions and videos, but this must all be contained in one ad tag. Do not use ad rules and non-ad rule positions at the same time, as Google only supports one or the other.
Note: For ads that use ad rules, ads that use Backlot settings will be loaded dynamically before the ad position as determined in Backlot. Google IMA does not provide functionality in IMA v3 that allows us to queue ads for pre-fetch.
Show first ad after x videos Ad frequency setting
Play an ad every x videos Ad frequency setting
adTagUrl Ad URL generated by Google IMA or the DFP