Error Handling

Important: This topic contains older information and has been deprecated. For the latest information about Ooyala integration with Chromecast, see Chromecast Integration.
General Ooyala errors can be found at HTML5-based Player V3 Error Messages (Deprecated).

There are other Chromecast error codes that Ooyala doesn’t control. The Ooyala player wraps the Chromecast error codes, as shown in the following table:

Error Name (Ooyala Player V3) Message Displayed to End User
OO.ERROR.CHROMECAST.MANIFEST Error loading or parsing the manifest.
OO.ERROR.CHROMECAST.MEDIAKEYS Error fetching the keys or decrypting the content.
OO.ERROR.CHROMECAST.PLAYBACK Error related to media playback.
With the custom receiver you can create custom error mapping. You can customize the error messages that the end user sees when errors occur by editing the error message strings that map to Ooyala Player V3 errors in the receiver code. To create a mapping of Ooyala errors to error messages use var errorMap = {};