Ooyala Live FAQ

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Q: Can I add Facebook integration to an existing Ooyala Live channel?

A: Facebook integration can be added to all channels created after Live release 1.4.0.

Q: I may sometimes, but not always, want to stream to a Facebook page. Am I required to provide Facebook authentication each time I start the channel? Will I be able to stream to a Facebook page if I do not provide Facebook authentication?

A: When Ooyala Live starts a channel, it checks if it has the access token for the Facebook account associated with the channel. If not, Ooyala Live will prompt the user to sign in. Note that Ooyala Live does not store any Facebook account credentials.

Q: What happens with the syndications rules assigned to Backlot while using the playlist? Are these overridden?

A: Nothing changes with the syndication rules.

Q: How does the transcoding on the fly for this playlist works? is it using the source file?

A: Simulated Live is supported where the source is HLS. So as long as the rendition has HLS, that will be the ingest for the Elemental Live encoder.

Q: Are the analytics gathered reflected in the playlist embed code or in the asset?

A: Today the analytics is reflected in the playlist embed code. We have plans to add asset embed code support in Q1, 2017.

Q: Does the Server side Ad insertion work for this feature?

A: Yes, it does. Simulated Live is only available for Elemental servers, and it supports SSAI.

Q: Does Facebook syndication work for Simulated Live?

A: Yes, it does. Simulated Live is only available for Elemental servers, as is Facebook Live syndication.

Q: Is there a slate for playlists?

A: There is a slate and it will only apply if the playlist is empty.

Q: If elemental is using m3u8, what happens to the assets that do not have an HLS stream?

A: If the asset does not have an HLS stream URL, you will not be able to add it to the playlist.

Q: If elemental is using m3u8, does reprocessing occur on the fly or is only using the chunks? If the reprocessing is on the fly, does this means Elemental uses the highest bitrate that is found? What happens with assets that don't have the same bitrates?

A: Elemental is reprocessing on the fly, the source is m3u8, and it uses the highest bitrate of the source. The output is always the same bitrate. If the source and the highest bitrate are different, you will probably see a change in quality in the output.

Q: Is the file input loop for slates configurable to true or false?

A: The loop is always set to true and cannot be configured.

Q: How accurate is trimming with Live to VOD?

A: Trimming is accurate to within the segment size.

Q: How long after an event that is set to archive does the trimming automatically occur?

A: Automatic trimming occurs one hour after the event plus the duration of the event.

Q: What is the maximum time permitted for Live to VOD?

A: 8 hours for Ooyala package, 24 hours for Azure. Live to VOD is not supported for Akamai.