Quality of Service FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Quality of Service (QoS) Analytics.

Ooyala QoS Solution powered by NPAW Youbora

Q: What is Quality of Service (QoS)? Why is it important?

A: Video stream quality issues can significantly impact how long viewers stay engaged, affecting content ROI. QoS analytics allow publishers to track video stream performance in real-time and make more informed decisions to:
  1. Drive engagement - Reducing issues such as exits before video starts, play failures, buffer ratios, and more, improves the quality of experience, keeping consumers engaged and increasing content ROI.
  2. Make proactive network improvements - Quality analytics dashboards highlight opportunities to optimize video delivery resources across geographies, CDNs, ISPs, devices, and titles. Additionally, alerts warn of potential issues before they become larger problems.
  3. Quickly pinpoint issues - With over 20 data points captured from every playback session (views, licenses, errors, bandwidth tests), customer service has actionable data to diagnose and resolve issues.

Q: How do QoS analytics compare to the Ooyala IQ analytics?

A: QoS video delivery analytics complement Ooyala’s market-leading audience analytics product, Ooyala IQ.

Ooyala IQ helps video publishers deliver the right types of content to the right audiences to drive consumer engagement. QoS analytics help video publishers monitor and improve video stream quality, which also increases engagement.

Q: Are QoS analytics only useful for larger companies?

A: QoS analytics are useful for both large and small organizations. It’s critical that consumers have a high-quality viewing experience so they continue to stay engaged and think favorably of the brand.

Monitoring video stream quality also becomes more important for smaller companies as they grow and expand their reach to new geographies, devices, content, etc. QoS analytics can help them make informed decisions about how to optimize their network to ensure consistent performance.

Finally, QoS analytics help customer service teams pinpoint issues with individual playback sessions, so consumer issues can be resolved quickly, which is important for companies of all sizes.


A: NICE PEOPLE AT WORK (NPAW) makes YOUBORA Analytics, which connects to the Ooyala player via a plug-in. NPAW is based in Barcelona and has a wide range of clients including Channel 5 (U.K.), Antena 3 (Spain), STV (U.K.), iROKOtv (U.S.), Starz Play (Arabia) & Nubeox (Spain).

Q: What are the features of the YOUBORA Analytics platform?

A: YOUBORA Analytics offers a comprehensive suite of QoS metrics:
  • Video Quality Metrics: Buffer ratios, exits before video starts (EVBS), play failures, join times, interruptions, bitrates, and more.
  • Secondary Dimensions: Countries, cities, CDNs, ISPs, devices, specific titles, and more.
Key YOUBORA Analytics features include:
  • Dashboards - Leverage multiple dashboards to quickly analyze trends and target issues.
  • Reports and graphs - Configure custom reports for automatic delivery and download spreadsheets and graphs for easy sharing.
  • Alerts - Stay informed of potential issues and take proactive steps to avoid larger problems.
  • End-to-end playback tracking - Help customer service quickly pinpoint issues with over 20 data points captured for every playback session (views, licenses, errors, bandwidth tests).
  • Developer APIs - If an organization wants to add QoS data to other systems like CMS, NOC, or another custom dashboard, a YOUBORA API is available.

Q: What playback platforms are supported?

A: YOUBORA Analytics connects directly to the Ooyala player via a special plug-in and can be enabled for:
  • HTML5
  • Flash
  • iOS (via the SDK)
  • Android (via the SDK)

Other devices and players can connect to YOUBORA Analytics via a plug-in or API.

Q: What integration effort is required to get started?

A: There is no additional integration effort required for HTML5 and Flash. Once a YOUBORA Analytics account is set-up and configured, the Ooyala player for HTML5 and Flash will start providing QoS data.

For the iOS and Android implementation, there is a small amount of code that needs to be added to each app.

Please reach out to your Ooyala point of contact for more information.

Q: Can I connect YOUBORA Analytics to a player that is not made by Ooyala?

A: Yes. If your organization offers playback on products that don’t use the Ooyala player, YOUBORA Analytics offers plug-ins and APIs to connect these devices and players. A list of available plugins and other relevant documents is available on the NPAW Developer Portal.

Q: We want to use QoS data on other systems in or organization, such as our NOC and CMS systems. Is this possible?

A: Yes. There is a YOUBORA Analytics API that allows the integration with NOC, CMS, or other custom dashboards. See the NPAW Developer Portal for details.

Q: Will viewership data on Android browsers via HLS playback pass through to the YOUBORA dashboard?

A: No. The Ooyala Player uses the Hook app to support playback on Android web browsers with HLS playback. The NPAW analytics bridge is currently separated from the Android SDK and doesn't inherently support viewership data to come in.

Note: The Hook Mobile Player App (Deprecated) has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.