Event Publish and Subscribe

You can publish and subscribe to messages for event handling.

Create, Connect, Check, and Load

The player message bus provides a means for modules to publish and subscribe to messages for event handling. It uses OO.Player.create and onCreate to create a message bus, connect modules to the message bus, check for 3rd party modules and connect them and then load everything.


When called, the OO.Player.create() function:

  • Creates a new message bus.
  • Goes over the list of registered modules and creates all of them.
  • Connects all the registered modules to the message bus.


When called, function onCreate(player):

  • Checks for any additional modules (custom, 3rd party or other type).
  • Enables these additional modules to connect to the message bus.
  • Sends a message to the message bus signaling each module to start up.

You must call onCreate() before anything can happen; otherwise, the existing and additional or third-party modules are not connected to the message bus and are not initialized.