Device Type Mapping (Deprecated)

Within analytics, information is collected about different platforms used to access your content.

Warning: The v2 Analytics API has been deprecated. See Ooyala IQ Analytics for more details on the new v3 Analytics API.

Platforms are a combination of device type, operating system, and browser displayed in the following format:


For example, a desktop computer running Windows and a Chrome browser would be returned as: desktop:windows-chrome and an Android tablet would be be returned as tablet:android-unknown.browser.

The following table lists supported device types:

Device Type Backlot Name
Mobile mobile
Tablet tablet
Desktop/Laptop desktop
Set-top settop
Unknown Device Type unknown.devicetype

The following table lists supported operating systems:

Operating System Backlot Name
iOS (iPhone) iphone
iOS (iPod) ipod
Android android
Blackberry blackberry
PalmOS palm
Windows Mobile windowsmob
PlayStation Portable psp
Other mobile OS other
iOS (iPad) iPad
Android android
Other OS unknown.os
Windows windows
Mac mac
Linux linux
Unix (BSD) bsd
Unix (Sun) sunos
Other OS unknown.os
Nintendo Wii wii
PlayStation playstation
Boxee boxee
Roku roku
GoogleTV google_tv
Other OS unknown.os

The following table lists supported browsers:

Browser Backlot Name
Chrome chrome
Firefox firefox
Internet Explorer ie
Safari safari
Opera opera
Other Browser unknown.browser