Example: Passing Multiple IMA Ad Tags for Pre-roll

This example of tframe.html includes several ad manager options.

In the example below, the player embedded parameters to set Interactive Media Ads (IMA) pre-roll ads are specified in multiple options attributes with Ooyala's tframe.html. This code is the equivalent to a standard Ooyala player options hash like this:
OO.Player.create("container","videoID", "{
  "ad-manager": {
For tframe.html, the equivalent full, single-line URL is broken across several lines. Notice several things:
  • The "isTwitter":true option is not needed because it is set by tframe.html itself.
  • For both the player.ooyala.com and the ad manager URL, the protocol of the URL is https (not http) because on Twitter ads must be served over SSL.
  • The names of nested passthrough parameters (in this example, the ad-manager parameters) are in dotted notation of the form parameter.subparameter, like ad-manager.url.
  • The value for options[ad-manager.url] has been URL-encoded.