2012-01-30 Release

Updates include the V2 Analytics API, audio player and Backlot support, and updated Wordpress and Drupal CMS plugins.

The following are release items:

  • V2 Analytics API—Ooyala has created a new version of the Analytics APIs, giving you feature parity with the existing UI while meeting the syntax and performance expectations of the other v2 APIs. The new analytics are documented and will work with the Scratchpad. For more information, go to the API Reference.
  • Audio Player and Backlot support—With the addition of the Ooyala Audio Player, Ooyala now has a complete solution for managing, publishing, and consuming both audio and video. The HTML5 Audio player works seamlessly to deliver a high-quality audio experience across all supported devices and browsers. There is also a new “Audio” type in Backlot that enables you to manage your Audio assets through Backlot UI Manage tab. For more information, go to the User Guide.
  • Updated Wordpress and Drupal CMS Plugins—The Wordpress and Drupal CMS plugins now use API V2. For more information, go to the Support Center Resources Page.