2012-09-07 Release

Updates include Ooyala Discovery, Ooyala Now, and an enhanced HTML5 Player.

The following are release items:

  • Ooyala Discovery—algorithmically recommends content with high viewer-appeal to drive higher engagement. Our platform can deliver these recommendations either within the Ooyala player, or as part of a larger viewing environment via powerful APIs. On average, pre-release customers of Ooyala Discovery saw a 60% increase in engagement with their video content. For more information, see About Discovering and Recommending Content.
  • Ooyala Now—provides a real time viewer engagement measurement dashboard for live and on-demand content. Ooyala Now provides network-wide, up-to-the-second analysis of viewer engagement and content trends. It monitors every video play within seconds of being viewed and returns immediate insights that enables you to better monetize your inventory. Data is presented in a simple, easy-to-use interface, including metrics such as popular content by market, real-time viewing statistics for each asset, and global content consumption patterns.
  • Enhanced HTML5 Player—updated to simplify custom player programming and enable style customization. For more information, see Overview of the Player V3 JavaScript API.