2013-03-26 Release

Updates include the release of Ooyala Schedule, Hook, and Rights Locker.

The following are release items:

  • Ooyala Schedule—a framework for building live programming schedules that consist of live streams and VoD content. You can use Ooyala Schedule to build a live multichannel user experience with a familiar look and feel to traditional television "channel surfing." For more information, refer to the Ooyala Schedule page.

  • Hook—a flexible media player application designed specifically for the needs of mobile platforms. The Hook media player enables publishers to deliver live, linear, and premium VOD content not possible on current mobile web platforms without the significant cost and lengthy time to market that is required to build custom video-centric apps. For more information, refer to the Hook Mobile Player App (Deprecated) page.

  • Rights Locker—a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for defining and managing entitlements to digital assets. In combination with DRM and other content protection technologies, you can specify which assets your viewers have entitlements to. For more information, refer to the Rights Locker page.