2013-07-03 Release

Updates include the enhanced Third Party Ads Manager, updated the Discovery Profile, closed caption improvements, UI fixes in the Up Next preview screen, optimized data visualization for Ooyala Now, improved metadata retrieval, fixed HLS playback issues, and enabled Uploader V2 for all accounts.

The following are release items:

  • Third Party Ads Manager—numerous updates and enhancements. Improved support for LiveRail.

  • Discovery—Updated the Discovery Profile and optimized some recommendation algorithms.

  • Closed Captions—Improved iOS, text handling, and multi-language support.

  • UI Fixes—Updated the Up Next preview screen, end screen, and made numerous small fixes.

  • Ooyala Now—Optimized data visualization.

  • Metadata retrieval—Improved movie metadata retrieval speeds by over 20%.

  • HLS—Fixed HLS playback issues and optimized playback performance.

  • Uploader V2—Enabled the optimized Uploader V2 platform for all accounts.