2014-05-06 Release

Updates include software updates to Backlot Syndication to YouTube, Flash Desktop Player FCC 708 Compliance for Closed Captions, and an update to Country and Location Codes.

Software Feature Releases

The following are new software release items:

Backlot Syndication to YouTube

Ooyala now supports YouTube Channels and Channel Managers. We also support syndicating content to YouTube through an OAuth2 mechanism instead of username and password credentials. OAuth2 is the latest standard to authorize integrations between systems. If you have granted an application on your mobile devices or desktop access to a Google, YouTube or Facebook account, you have used OAuth2.

For details, see: Syndication with YouTube

Key benefits

  • Create and manage your content syndication with our simplified and streamlined integration with YouTube.

  • Set up and authorize syndication feeds to YouTube channels with your YouTube account login.

  • Manage and syndicate content to YouTube as YouTube channel managers.

  • Authorize syndication feeds to your YouTube channels from within Backlot using only your Google YouTube account login.

FCC 708 Compliance for Closed Captions

The Ooyala default Flash desktop player is Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 708 compliant for Closed Caption Support. This feature supports user controls as mandated by FCC to allow end users to easily manipulate how closed captions are rendered on the player.

The FCC mandate currently applies to full length programming that was previously aired on television with captions. More details on content coverage can be found in the article, Captioning of Internet Video Programming.

Ooyala now offers out-of-the-box FCC 708 compliance for all video content that contains a closed captions file or cue point in-stream captions, thus making this feature available for all customers.

For details, see: Flash Player FCC 708 Styling for Closed Captions.

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items:

  • Backlot Syndication to YouTube

    • Syndication with YouTube— Added content to the Syndication with YouTube topic on new support for OAuth 2, including options to select from multiple login accounts and different channels.
  • Flash Desktop Player Closed Captions

    • Flash Player FCC 708 Styling for Closed Captions—Added content for the new FCC 708 Compliance for Closed Captions on Flash Desktop Player topic. The documentation describes the provider requirements and instructions for end users on setting the Flash player captioning controls including choosing different fonts, font sizes, text colors, text edges, background opacity, and background colors.
  • General Reference

    Country and Location Codes — The Country and Location Codes document was updated to show alpha-2 codes, English short names, and the Country Name Returned by Analytics V2 API (if different than the English short name).