2014-05-19 Release

Updates include software updates to Google IMA, Player Debugging, and documentation updates for Mobile SDK Integration with FreeWheel, Google IMA macro support, Player Debugging and Player Message Bus events.

Software Feature Releases

The following are new software release items:

Google IMA

Ooyala supports the Google IMA SDK v.3.0.120. The integration with Google IMA for Flash was updated:

Key benefits

  • Added IMA Ad Rules.
  • Hide player controls when VPAID = true. This allows VPAID UI elements to be shown during ad playback.

  • You can now use Integrating Google IMA Ads with Player V3 to hide the countdown message during ad playback so that the message does not overlay player UI elements.
  • Ooyala now supports the same pass-through parameters for Google IMA as in the VPAID Ads Embedded Parameters in Player V3 (Deprecated) OPF module.

    The documentation will be updated in the near future.

Player Debugging

Any website that uses Ooyala’s Player V3 code now has the method OO.Player.isolate(), which can be used to debug your Player. You can use this method in your browser’s JavaScript console to generate a “debug.ooyala.com” URL with an Ooyala Player. Then, if you have issues with your Ooyala Player, you can use isolate() to determine if the issue is due to the website environment or issues with the Ooyala Player itself.

For details, see Debugging/Troubleshooting Extension for Chrome in Player V3 (Deprecated) .

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items: