2014-08-13 Release

Notable changes include information on the upgraded Android SDK and the release of the Android and iOS SDKs v.2.7.0.

Software Feature Releases

The following are new software release items.

Upgraded Android SDK via VisualOn Integration

We now offer a superior Android SDK to support HLS playback (in addition to MP4) on native apps. This upgrade is available to Ooyala customers for free.

The upgraded Ooyala Mobile SDK (v.2.6.0+) for Android provides an advanced and more consistent HLS playback experience for VoD and Live streaming across Android devices. Key benefits of using the new Android SDK with VisualOn include:
  • ABR
  • HLS live and VoD streaming
  • Closed captions for live streams
  • Advertising support (pre-, mid-, and post-roll)
  • Device coverage (validated on 2.x and 4.x)

We have licensed technology to replace the native Android Media library with 3rd party (VisualOn) HLS decoding libraries to overcome problems with playback and provide a more consistent and high quality streaming experience on a wider range on Android devices. VisualOn’s HLS stack is designed to solve the complex problems associated with HLS video and audio streaming in the world of Android.

In addition to device coverage, you can now leverage ABR to provide the best possible video delivery that seamlessly adapts to varying bandwidth connections and internet speed.

To get started with VisualOn, you will need to download the latest Ooyala SDK for Android (available at Ooyala Downloads) and obtain access to download the VisualOn libraries. Contact your Ooyala CSM representative for access and download instructions.

About the Mobile SDK for Android

Getting Started: Enabling Upgrade for HLS Playback

iOS SDK v.2.7.0

Version 2.7.0 of the Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS has been released. A notable change in version 2.7.0 is the bug fix for graphical issues with closed captions styling on iPad.

Mobile SDK for iOS Release Notes

Android SDK v.2.7.0

Version 2.7.0 of the Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android has been released. Notable changes in version 2.7.0 include improved buffering state change consistency and bug fixes.

Mobile SDK for Android Release Notes

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items: