2014-09-08 Release

Notable changes include the new Tinypass integration and the change in location of the documentation PDFs from the SDKs tab to the Documentation tabs.

Software Feature Releases

The following are new software release items.

New Integration With Tinypass Paywall

This release introduces Ooyala integration’s with the Tinypass paywall. Tinypass is an e-commerce platform that allows content creators and media owners to monetize their digital content quickly, powerfully, and effectively. The Tinypass paywall is a turnkey solution with a simple workflow that provides a frictionless checkout experience and is easy to set up.

Although customers can continue to use the current paywall in Backlot, Ooyala encourages the use of Tinypass, which provides significantly more payment methods, a streamlined sales process, more monetization options, and support for both Flash and HTML5. Integration requires a Tinypass account, which is easy to set up and integrate with your new or existing Ooyala account. Tinypass offers pay-per view and bundled subscription options.

When integrated with Ooyala, the Tinypass paywall provides Ooyala customers with an HTML5- and Adobe Flash-capable paywall that works in-browser and enhances multi-device support by allowing for easy viewing in desktop and mobile environments. The Tinypass paywall supports multiple payment methods: PayPal, major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover), Amazon Payments, bitcoin, and Dwolla. Tinypass also offers user tracking, user analytics, and the Tinypass REST API that allows customers to expand options for contact access, pricing, and payment. For more information, see the Tinypass integration documentation.

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items:

  • Tinypass Paywall Integration

  • Labels

    • Labels—Updated label documentation to contain routes for retrieving top-level labels and child labels.
  • Player JavaScript Client Module Customization

  • Universal Syndication

  • Syndication Access Key Restrictions

    • Syndications—Updated Backlot API Reference topic on Syndications to include routes for access key restrictions.
    • Access Key Restrictions—Added section to Backlot Platform Developer Guide on access key restrictions. The section includes topics on how to enable, create, edit, and delete access keys for a syndication.
  • PDFs

    • Ooyala PDFs—Moved PDFs of the documentation from the SDKs tab to the documentation tabs.