2014-09-16 Release

Notable changes include the release of the Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS v.2.7.1 and a documentation update to Player V3 error handling.

Software Feature Releases

The following is a new software release item.

Mobile SDK for iOS v.2.7.1 Released

The Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS is ready for iOS8! We are releasing an update to our SDK in advance of Apple’s September 17th go-live date so that all our customers will be able to support the new operating system.

The GA Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS is avaiable at Ooyala Downloads. We recommend that all customers download and update their Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS to the GA version.

Please consider the following recommendations:
  • Please upgrade your apps with the latest iOS SDK and submit the apps to the Apple App Store.
  • Please report any playback issues to Brightcove Technical Support.
  • If you are using advertisements in your iOS app, apply the Ooyala updates before the Apple GA timeline to avoid advertising issues in production when end users download the iOS 8 GA version on their devices.

What's Fixed

The following issues, found in the beta release of the Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS, are now resolved:
  • App crashed for VAST ads.
  • Video did not resume from mid-roll ads (VAST, IMA, FreeWheel).
  • App crashed when trying to play IMA Wrapper Ad.
  • IMA ads timing was 10x slower which delayed content replay.
  • IMA Skip Ads: App took a long time to load the skip ad. After loading completed, the skip ad did not play.
  • Closed Caption view buttons were off on iPad simulator for Widevine encrypted videos.
Note: If you are using Google IMA Ads in your iOS app, please download the latest Google IMA iOS SDK: IMA iOS SDK

For information about integration with Google IMA, see Integration with Google IMA on iOS.

Known Issues

The following items are known issues with the existing iOS SDK release. These items will be addressed in a future release:
  • Initial time playback and seek for Airplay playback.
  • Cannot seek when video is paused.
  • Video playback crashes intermittently after passcode is prompted during Airplay (dependent on AppleTV fixing Airplay issues on iOS8 devices).

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items: