2014-09-22 Release

Notable changes include the Ooyala Chromecast HTML5 player and updated Discovery documentation.

Software Feature Releases

Ooyala Chromecast HTML5 Player

Ooyala has released the latest version of its HTML5 player, which now supports streaming on Google’s Chromecast device.

Ooyala empowers the Chromecast experience by integrating its V3 HTML5 player with Google Media Library and EME which customers can start leveraging. To deploy Ooyala’s Chromecast solution, customers can collaborate with Ooyala to build their customized Sender-Receiver experience. Sender and Receiver applications are to be built in partnership with Ooyala or 3rd party developers, integrating these applications with Ooyala mobile SDKs (only required for mobile-based Senders) and V3 HTML5 player (Receiver).

To collaborate with Ooyala to build a customized Sender-Receiver experience, contact your Customer Success Manager.  

Chromecast and Ooyala (Deprecated)

Documentation Release Items

  • Player V3 API Events

  • Ooyala Discovery

    • About Discovering and Recommending Content—The Discovery Developer Guide is updated with a section that describes tips for maximizing the benefits of a Discovery implementation and increasing site engagement.
    • Discovery FAQ—The Ooyala user content now includes a Discovery FAQ topic. Use this information to help troubleshoot problems with your Discovery implementation.
    • The Discovery Developer Guide “Try it” links are updated for accuracy. With Discovery, the best practice is to avoid using the Demo account and try the routes with your own Discovery account.