2014-10-27 Release

Notable changes include the release of anonymous proxy controls and the adRequestTimeout Flash parameter.

Software Feature Releases

Anonymous Proxy Controls
Ooyala content protection now adds the capability of Anonymous Proxy Controls through the detection and restriction of anonymous proxies used in accessing content. When enabled for a specific account, anonymous proxies are detected and selectively restricted through Syndication Controls in Backlot. This new Ooyala content protection product offering supports:
  • Detection and identification of anonymous proxy connections.
  • Prevention of users with anonymous internet proxy service attempting to gain access to content by spoofing their IP addresses to explicitly circumvent blacklist and whitelist policies to change/obfuscate their geolocation.
  • Leveraging Neustar Anonymizer proxy identification and restriction methodologies, identify the level of risk associated with the user connecting via proxy service and based on that risk determine the decision to (not to) block/prevent the user from accessing video content.
  • Leveraging Neustar Anonymizer proxy identification and restriction methodologies enforcement of anonymous proxy detection/prevention is configurable within Backlot’s Syndication Rule. In an advanced mode, granular levels/statuses may be setup to allow for a specific status to be categorized for restriction:
    • Private
    • Active
    • Suspect
    • Inactive
Using Anonymous Proxy Controls you can devise a trusted party syndication strategy where you add granular control over who accesses content and where it is published from. This feature is available to all Ooyala customers as part of regular Ooyala platform license for no additional cost.

To set anonymous proxy controls in Backlot, see Creating Publishing Rules.

adRequestTimeout Parameter

adReqeustTimeout is a new Flash parameter for Google IMA ads that enables the customization of the time taken, in milliseconds, to make a timeout for the ad request and continue the video playback.

Google IMA Ads Embedded Parameters in Player V3 (Deprecated)

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