2014-11-03 Release

Notable changes include the release of v.3.0.1 of the Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS.

Software Feature Releases

Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS v.3.0.1

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved for Version 3.0.1:

  • The Learn More button rendered in the middle of the player, or duplicate Learn More buttons appeared.
  • Google IMA mid-roll ads did not play when the user forwarded the video using the scrubber.
  • Asset resume did not occur after a Freewheel mid-roll ad played.
  • Freewheel ads resume playback automatically, when the application is unlocked or resumed.
  • Console logs file are generated multiple times for the duration of the playing video content.
  • Video audio continued to play when the asset was dismissed via “Back” button navigation.
Documentation Release Items