2014-11-10 Release

Notable changes include the release of v.3.1.0 of the Ooyala mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS

Released 5/1/15

Updates and Enhancements

The following updates and enhancements are included in this release:

The API is updated to allow the Closed Captions methods to be more easily modified. The following two properties are moved from OOOoyalaPlayer to OOOoyalaPlayerViewController:

  • closedCaptionsLanguage
  • OOClosedCaptionsStyle


The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • The player crashed when Widevine streams were played using encrypted loopback.
  • The player had intermittent scrubber issues with Widevine mid-roll ads using AirPlay.
  • All ad types had intermittent playback issues using Playready HLS.
  • FreeWheel VideoView events fired during pre-rolls ads instead of on content start.
  • The scrubber did not work during a replay of PlayReady HLS content.

Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android

Notable Changes in Version 3.1.0 Release Date 10/14

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following updates:

  • Spanish language prompts are now supported for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • Japanese language prompts are now supported for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • The latest VisualOn release is now supported. This release supports Android 5.0, AKA Lollipop and includes new licensing. Make sure you follow the integration steps carefully to integrate the new license into your application.
  • FreeWheel SDK version 5.16 is now supported.
  • The Google IMA SDK sample application is updated.