2014-12-04 Release

Notable changes include the migration from Google IMA 1.x and 2.x to Google IMA v3, new Flash player parameters, and a mobile SDK release.

Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android v3.1.0

Full Release Notes for Version 3.1.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following updates:

  • Spanish language prompts are now supported for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • Japanese language prompts are now supported for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • The latest VisualOn release is now supported. This release supports Android 5.0, AKA Lollipop and includes new licensing. Make sure you follow the integration steps carefully to integrate the new license into your application.
  • FreeWheel SDK version 5.16 is now supported.
  • The Google IMA SDK sample application is updated.

Resolved Issues

This release includes the following resolved issues:

  • The native MediaPlayer sometimes throws the following error:

    "Media server died!", which is error(100, 0)
  • Google IMA SDK is logging too frequently.
  • When the player goes to fullscreen mode a new fullscreen controller is created.
  • Plays from an Android device are logged as "invalid host" in Backlot analytics.
  • The FreeWheel ad player lock and unlock features is not work properly.

Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS v3.1.0

Full Release Notes for Version 3.1.0

Updates and Enhancements

This release includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • This release includes support for armv7s architecture in the SDK library.
  • Spanish language prompts are now available for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • Japanese language prompts are now supported for FreeWheel pre-roll and mid-roll ad prompts.
  • The SDK libraries now support ARM64 architectures.
  • The Google IMA SDK sample app is updated.

Resolved Issues

This release resolves the following issues:

  • armv7s architecture support was not included in the SDK library.
  • When Rotating from landscape to portrait and calling [setFullscreen:NO] during an advertisement, the Learn More button sometimes disappears.
  • The Learn More button sometimes disappears after any device orientation change.
  • Google IMA SDK pre-roll, mid-roll, and post podded ads are not played when expected and the ad images do not appear correctly.
  • Airplay playback is paused when the device is locked.
  • Asset audio continues to play after the app Back button is activated.
  • The asset progress bar continued to appear in fullscreen mode for live assets.
  • FreeWheel mid-roll ads not playing properly.
  • Analytics are not accurate for plays from iOS devices.

Known Issues

  • Intermittent crashes may occur when users initiate AirPlay playback on iOS 8.0.x devices. This only occurs when a device lock code is used for AirPlay. To work around this issue restart the app to resume video playback.
  • An issue with the Default CustomControls package prevents use of custom controls with this release.

Google IMA Migration

We are deprecating and deactivating versions of the Google IMA SDK prior to IMA3.

Deactivation of deprecated Google IMA SDKs

The current supported IMA SDK version is IMA3 for both Flash and HTML5. The IMA2 Flash and IMA1 HTML5 SDKs not only do not support the current full DFP and AdX feature set, but are also officially deprecated and no longer actively maintained or supported by Google's engineering team. As such, the IMA2 and IMA1 SDKs are no longer recommended for use by any publishers. After 12/31, the IMA2 and IMA1 SDKs are planned to be fully deactivated; Google will remove the IMA2 and IMA1 SDK files from hosting, and all players integrated with the deactivated SDKs will cease to request or render ads. To continue serving ads uninterrupted, all players with IMA2 Flash or IMA1 HTML5 SDK must be upgraded to IMA3 SDK prior to the deactivation date.
Note: This does not affect the HTML5 player and Ooyala iOS and Android SDK apps.

Where is IMA SDK version assigned?

The version of IMA SDK integrated with players is determined by the following settings in Backlot.

Backlot → MONETIZE → Ad Sets → Ad Source.

An older version of IMA SDK is loaded on the Flash and HTML5 players when the following Ad Sources under Ad Sets is selected in Backlot:
  1. DoubleClick
  2. DoubleClick Overlay
  3. AdSense For Video Instream
  4. AdSense For Video Endcap
  5. AdSense For Video Overlay
The correct version, IMA SDK3, is loaded on the players when the following Ad Source under Ad Sets is selected in Backlot:
  • Google IMA V3
DoubleClick and AdSense ads will still be supported via the Google IMA V3 Ad Source using the ad tag.

How to change IMA SDK to latest version?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager and Brightcove Technical Support for migration instructions. You need to migrate all of your Ad Sets to use the latest and correct Ad Source, Google IMA V3, to avoid playback problems from using deprecated or non-supported versions of Google IMA.

This migration cannot be done programmatically on the player because we will not be able to test or validate all customer specific integrations and edge cases. The player is designed to automatically load the latest IMA V3 SDK. However the setting via Ad Sets in Backlot overrides the player version. Hence, the change needs to be made on Backlot to ensure that correct version of IMA module is loaded on the players.

Our recommendation is for you to work with Technical Support to make the switch on a test player, verify the change across their ad sets and ad rules, and then make the switch to the correct Ad Source in production. The Technical Support team will be able to help migrate large ad sets for customers. This process is automated to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Other Deprecations

We no longer support cuepoints for Google IMA.

Ad Rules for Flash

Note: Ad rules are only available for Flash.
You can set ad positions for Google IMA though DFP ad rules, which can be enabled to correctly render for an ad with the Backlot UI or Backlot API. The steps to integrate with DFP can be found at Monetizing Your Ooyala Content with DFP

Feature Release Items

New Flash Player Parameters

  • showAdMarquee - specifies whether to show or hide the ad marquee during ad playback. If showAdMarquee is missing or set to true, the ad marquee will appear while an ad is playing on your player. This global parameter works for all ad types supported by Ooyala. For more information, see Player V3 Embedded Parameters (Deprecated)
    Note: This parameter is for Flash only.
  • Another parameter you can set is useStyledNonLinearAds, which shows a close button for non-linear ads when set to true. This parameter is optional - by default the button to close an ad is shown for non-linear ads. For more information, see Google IMA Ads Embedded Parameters in Player V3 (Deprecated) or Integrating Google IMA Ads with Player V3.
    Note: This parameter is for Flash only.

Documentation Release Items