2015-01-26 Release

Notable changes for this release include a new Live GB Delivered usage metric for certain customers, as well as updates to the Player FAQ.

Feature Releases

Live Delivery Billing

If you use Akamai as your CDN for Live Delivery, you may soon see Live GB Delivered as a new usage metric on the Usage subtab under the ACCOUNT tab. This metric represents the total number of gigabytes (GB) of live stream content that was delivered via Ooyala's CDN to players, content data networks, or some other destination. Affected customers will see Live GB Delivered in their monthly billing statement.

Documentation Release Items

  • Player FAQ
    • Gibberish Characters (HTML5) - Added a question and answer about how to set your browser encoding to Unicode (UTF-8). You may see gibberish characters on the HTML5 player if your browser encoding settings are not set to Unicode.
    • Freeze in Fullscreen (Flash) - Added a question and answer about why the Flash player may freeze in fullscreen (graphics acceleration issue).
  • Analytics
  • GB Delivered for Live
    • Viewing Usage Metrics - Added a definition for the new Live GB Delivered usage metric. Changed the label from GB Delivered to VoD GB Delivered to distinguish it from Live GB Delivered.