2015-02-25 Release

Notable changes for this release include documentation on the Cleeng paywall integration.

Cleeng Paywall Integration

Ooyala has partnered with Cleeng to provide a robust, turnkey paywall solution. The Ooyala-Cleeng paywall integration helps you monetize your Live, TVOD, and SVOD content. Integrating Ooyala with the Cleeng paywall enables you to instantly start monetizing your content while providing your viewers with a fast, seamless checkout experience.

To begin your integration, start by registering a Cleeng account at the Cleeng registration page. Once registered, this link will take you to your Cleeng dashboard page. For details, see Integrate with the Cleeng Paywall.

Documentation Releases

  • Chromecast
  • Code Snippets and Examples Bug Fix
    • We have fixed a bug that affected all code snippets and examples. Now, when you copy and paste code from the Support Center, the formatting and indentation is maintained in your clipboard. You will no longer see a "See more at..." link at the end of the copied code.
  • Ooyala-Cleeng Paywall Integration
Adobe Access DRM