2015-05-11 Release

Notable changes for this release include the documentation for Ooyala IQ, Ooyala's new analytics product.

The New Ooyala Analytics Product: Ooyala IQ

Ooyala IQ is Ooyala’s new video analytics product built on top of our reliable, robust, and scalable big data architecture, providing real-time analytics as well as multi-dimensional analytics capability to give a full 360-degree view of video consumption and engagement patterns. It is a major upgrade to the existing Ooyala Analytics product and will be available for all Ooyala customers at no additional cost.

The following capabilities are new:
  1. Newly designed user interface built in HTML:

    The new HTML UI removes the reliance on a Flash plugin, provides the ability to access IQ on various devices (e.g. iPad), and offers performance improvements.

  2. New multi-dimensional analytics capability:

    With Ooyala’s new multi-dimensional querying capability, you can now run analytics across multiple dimensions, including Device Type (e.g. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Set-top Box, etc.), OS/Browser, Geography (Country, Region, State/Province, DMA), Domain, Player, Asset or Label. This will help address your more complex business questions such as “How many unique viewers from the United States and Canada do I have for a subset of videos consumed on Tablet - iOS during the last month”?

  3. New Video Details page:

    The new Video Details page will give you a holistic, detailed view into the performance of an asset. Apart from uniques and engagement data, you’ll now be able to view key asset metadata, key performance metrics for the asset, and asset consumption broken down by each dimension. You can access the Video Details page directly from either the Dashboard or the Business Intelligence page simply by clicking on the asset. This increased accessibility, along with detailed performance of a specific asset, allows you to quickly identify consumption and engagement patterns for that asset.

  4. Real-time statistics for top 10 videos:

    The new real-time Dashboard in Ooyala IQ will show you the top 10 videos and their viewership data in real-time, while the old analytics product only shows the top 3 videos in real-time.

  5. Improved reporting:
    • Metrics are more accurately defined and calculated;
    • Geography and device reporting are provided via more accurate technologies;
    • Algorithms for counting unique users are improved and reporting of unique users now span a longer date range;

    Overall, Ooyala IQ is built on more robust, scalable and performant big data architecture.

  6. New metrics and new dimensions:

    Video Starts. “Video Starts” indicate when the actual video content starts playing. If pre-roll ads are played, a “video start” would only be counted when all pre-roll ads are completed and the actual video content starts playing. By comparing Plays Requested (referred to as Plays in the old v2 analytics) and Video Starts, you will be able to see the viewer drop-off due to pre-roll ads.

    Player Dimension. The Player dimension can be used in multiple ways. Players can be used to report:
    1. The playback metrics for syndication partners (by creating a player for each syndication partner you wish to track).
    2. Performance within different sections of your website (by creating a player for each section).
    3. Performance due to a change in the player (by creating players with and without the player configuration such as different ad load, enablement of the Discovery content recommendation tool, or simply a change to the player UI).

For detailed release notes, please see Ooyala IQ Release Notes.

All Ooyala existing customers will be migrated to Ooyala IQ in 4 batches, with the first set of migrations beginning in May 2015; the second set beginning in June; the third in July and the final batch in August. Customers will be contacted with further information on scheduling and managing migration. For more information on the migration process, please see Ooyala IQ (Analytics) FAQ and How to Export Your Data With the v2 Analytics API (Deprecated).

Mobile SDK for iOS 4.1.1 Released

Release 4.1.1 Released 5/11/15


An issue with Widevine video playback where the video would stall on a playback resume event (playWithInitialTime), is now resolved.

Documentation Releases