2015-08-24 Release

Notable changes for this release include the release of the mobile SDK for iOS and Android v.4.4.0.

Mobile SDK for iOS v.4.4.0

New Features and Enhancements
  • The IMA Ad Manager initialization API has been changed from initWithOoyalaPlayerViewController: to initWithOoyalaPlayer:.

Resolved Issues

This release includes the following fixes:
  • An issue where the user would switch to fullscreen mode in landscape mode, then change orientation to portrait, and the player's control bar would overlap device's status bar is now resolved.
  • An issue where the user could only dismiss controls by tapping video after switching to fullscreen has been fixed and the controls will slide off the screen after 5-10 seconds without user intervention.
  • An issue where after a mid-roll ad was completed, the video would start again but the mid-roll ad cue point would still be visible on the scrubber bar is now resolved.

Mobile SDK for Android v.4.4.0

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • A null pointer exception around video authorization issue has been fixed.
  • An issue occurs if changeCurrentItem is used with a null parameter. A crash may result. To avoid this issue, use setEmbedCode instead of changeCurrentItem.
  • An issue would occur where when the close caption (CC) option was selected and the device was subsequently rotated, the CC icon would be deselected. This has been fixed and the CC icon will remain selected after the device is rotated.
  • An issue would occur where when the closed caption (CC) option was selected and MediaListView was subsequently selected, the app would crash. This behavior has been fixed and the app no longer crashes.
  • An issue would occur when playing a video in both Play and Cast and Cast and Play scenarios with Chromecast. The Closed Captions button displaying options of None and Use Closed Captions did not appear. This issue has been fixed and the Closed Captions button now appears.

Documentation Releases