2015-10-15 Release

Notable changes for this release include the new Discovery Insights features in Ooyala IQ and new Ooyala IQ documentation.

Software Feature Releases

Discovery Insights in Ooyala IQ

We are excited to announce new Discovery Insights functionality that is available as of today, October 15th, 2015. As an Ooyala Discovery user, if you are already benefiting from personalized video recommendations and receiving insights into engagement growth that are currently delivered as email reports, you will love the new and improved Discovery Insights, now available as part of Ooyala IQ.

Look for the Discovery tab inside the Business Intelligence page in Ooyala IQ and enjoy access to 17 new KPIs that give you an in-depth view of engagement growth and content performance. For example, the Discovery End Screen CTR (click-through rate) metric tells you the percentage of Discovery end screen recommendations that led to an additional play. You can also see the number of times each asset in your catalog was recommended and played via Discovery.

For details on how to view these metrics in Ooyala IQ, see the Discovery Insights tutorial video (available at Ooyala Video Tutorials) or read the new new Discovery Insights documentation.

Documentation Releases