2015-11-11 Release

Notable changes for this release include the new Usage API, integration with Adways Studio, and integration with Avid Technology.

Software Feature Releases

Introducing the Usage RESTful API

You can use the Usage RESTful API to retrieve reports on any usage statisics (such as VOD bytes delivered, live bytes delivered, number of streams, and transcoded time) that are being collected for your account.

Note: The API routes in the Usage API are estimated representations of data utilization and may not match billed usage.

Integration with Adways Studio

Ooyala's integration with Adways Studio enables you to enhance the playback experience for Ooyala-hosted videos. Adways Studio is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to add overlays and clickable hotspots to your video content to provide your users with engaging, interactive experiences. For more information on using this integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Ingest via Integration with Avid Technologies

For Ooyala customers, integration with Avid Technologies allows Avid users to push content directly from their Media Suite into Backlot. For more information on using this integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Known Issues

For the Ooyala Player V3 integration with NPAW YOUBORA, for IE 10+ and Explored Edge (v 11.x) playback, when failures occur during player load or initial playback, events can be sequenced out of order. This can cause YOUBORA to pick up data unexpectedly. For example, the title dimension can be reported as undefined and CDN attributes can be reported as unknown. This issue is intermittent.

For Flash, the Google DFP ad server sometimes returns an empty VPAID tag for DoubleClick ads. Per Google, this is a problem on the ad server side (DFP). On the DFP side, frequency capping can be applied to control how often an ad would serve. Please work with Google IMA on how to correctly set up ad serving to prevent this from happening.

Documentation Releases