2015-11-19 Release

Notable changes for this release include new URL reporting functionality in Ooyala IQ and NPAW integration updates.

Software Feature Releases

New Features and Enhancements in Ooyala IQ

1. New URL Reporting Functionality

You can now use the Ooyala IQ UI and API to track content performance at the page (URL) level.

In the UI you can view a URL breakdown for top level domains in the Traffic Source panel for all video assets distributed to all of your devices, geographies, and players. You will get what your top performed URLs are for each domain.

Note: Due to the complexity of this data, you can only perform uni-dimensional analysis for the URL dimension. This means that you can only view URL reporting data without any filters applied to the Business Intelligence page.

For the API, you can now use dimensions=url to retrieve metrics broken down by URL. This query type will return data for all of your URLs.

Note: Due to the granularity of the data, URL API reporting has the following limitations:
  • You can only use the url dimension for url queries (there is no multidimensional analysis support).
  • You can only apply url or domain Filters for url queries.
  • You cannot use the url filter with any Dimensions other than url.
  • Not all Metrics are supported for the url dimension. If you don't specify metrics for the url dimension, an error message will be returned. Supported metrics for the url dimension include:
    • displays
    • plays_requested
    • video_starts
    • time_watched
    • autoplays
    • player_loads
    • replays
    • uniq_plays_requested
    • uniq_displays
    • uniq_video_starts
    • playthrough_25
    • playthrough_50
    • playthrough_75
    • playthrough_100

2. Change to Hours Watched and time_watched Format

The format for the hours watched metric in the UI and the time_watched metric in the API is now HH:MM:SS. We have added a smart format for values greater than 1000 hours (For example, "1234:56:57" gets converted to "1.2k").

3. New Sort Option in the UI

In asset panel on the Business Intelligence page, if you have Discovery enabled, you can now sort the list of assets by the “Discovery Plays” and “Discovery Leads” metrics.

Bug Fixes

This following bugs were fixed in this release.
  • This release fixes an intermittent API failure issue.
  • This release fixes the time calculation logic for “Today” to solve an issue where top KPI metrics were missing from the dashboard.

Updates to Ooyala's QoS Solution Powered by NPAW's YOUBORA

This release includes the following improvements to the Ooyala integration with NPAW.

1. New Feature

We have added extra parameters to the integration with the YOUBORA dashboard. You can now select up to 2 additional parameters (e.g. embed_code, player_id) to track against the 20+ set of QoS, delivery-style metrics on the YOUBORA dashboard.

2. iOS SDK Improvements

This release includes the following improvements for the iOS SDK integration:
  • Native support on iOS for VoD.
  • Improved error handling with play failures on live streams.
Note: Play failures handling with live streams may cause crashes with the NPAW SDK.

Documentation Releases

  • Examining Videos Across Different Dimensions: Added troubleshooting tips related to the new URL reporting functionality in Ooyala IQ.
  • Dimensions: Added information about the new url dimension in the Ooyala IQ API.
  • Metrics Added information about what metrics you can use with the new url dimension in the Ooyala IQ API and details on the new time_watched format.
  • Filters: Added information about the new url filter in the Ooyala IQ API.
  • Viewing Engagement Metrics: Updated the description of hours watched to show that the new format is HH:MM:SS.