2015-12-02 Release

Notable changes for this release include new third-party player reporting functionality in Ooyala IQ and a new Community login process.

Software Feature Releases

New Third-Party Player Reporting Feature in Ooyala IQ

You can now integrate Ooyala analytics (Ooyala IQ) with any third-party system (non-Ooyala video players).

UI Adjustments

The Ooyala IQ UI has been adjusted to accommodate third-party player analytics. The adjustments include the following:
  • The Player panel shows the third-party player name when events come from a third-party player. For example, if you analyze events coming from JW player, you will see "JW Player" in the Player panel.
  • If content metadata is not ingested into Backlot, Ooyala IQ provides graceful UI degradation. This means that Ooyala IQ can provide analytics for third-party player events without requiring metadata ingestion from a third-party CMS system. For example, if Ooyala IQ doesn't get a video asset's title metadata, it will use the video asset's external ID in place of the title (see image below for an example).
  • If you are using Ooyala players and third-party players to play Ooyala video assets (hosted in Backlot), you can now use one Backlot account to stream video to an Ooyala player and a third-party player. You can view consolidated IQ analytics metrics in one dashboard (through one user account) for both types of players.You can see the different metrics for your Ooyala players and third-party players by looking at the Player and Device panels. Please note that for third-party assets (hosted in a third-party CMS), you will still need to set up a separate Backlot provider account to ingest asset metadata.

Metadata Synch

You can synch your third-party metadata with Backlot and Ooyala IQ via the Backlot API. See Syncing Third-Party Metadata with Ooyala IQ for details.

Backlot Account Management

You will have a unique Backlot account for your third-party player analytics accounts. We have made several modifications to make the Backlot UI more user friendly for customers who use Ooyala IQ in a standalone fashion, including:
  • In the MANAGE tab, we have removed the Embed, Monetize, Publishing rules, Custom Metadata, and Encodings sub-tabs.
  • In the MANAGE tab Details sub-tab, we have removed the Closed Captions, Published To, and Content Replacement sections.
  • In the main Backlot panel, we have removed the Pause button and Size columns.
  • In the asset Status section, only Live and Recently created are available.
  • In the left panel under content types, only Remote Asset and YouTube Video are available.
  • In the ACCOUNT tab, the Account Settings and User Management sub-tabs are available.
  • In the ACCOUNT tab User Management sub-tab, the API Secret key is available.
  • In the ACCOUNT tab, Admin, Manager, Read-Only, and Analytics Only user roles are supported.

New JavaScript SDK

We've created a JavaScript SDK that communicates your third-party player's events to Ooyala IQ. To integrate with the JavaScript SDK, you need to use an adapter that translates your player's events and APIs to correlate with the events defined in the Ooyala JavaScript SDK.

You can use an Ooyala adapter or create your own adapter.

For details on integrating with existing adapters and creating your own adapters, see Integrating Third-Party Players with IQ Using the JS SDK.

Getting Started

To use this new functionality, do the following:
  1. Ask your account manager to create a new provider account with third-party player reporting functionality.
  2. Synch your third-party metadata with Ooyala IQ and Backlot.
  3. Use the new Ooyala IQ JavaScript SDK to integrate your third-party player events with Ooyala IQ. Please talk to your Ooyala point of contact if you want to work with Ooyala Professional Services for this step.

Community Update

In an effort to make the Ooyala Community more open and accessible, we have implemented a new login system utilizing the Lithium platform for sign-on. This change will only be noticeable to existing Community members active before 12/2/15. In the past, the Community sign-in was tied to your Backlot account. To access the Community, members active before 12/2/15 will need to generate a new password. For details on this process, see http://community.ooyala.com/t5/Ooyala-Blog/New-Community-quot-Sign-in-quot-coming-soon/ba-p/7821.

Documentation Releases