2016-03-09 Release

Notable contents of this release include the ability to set presets in Ooyala IQ and a fix to Ooyala IQ metrics for Live assets.

Software Feature Releases

Ability to Save Preset Filters to Your Ooyala IQ Account

If you save a preset filter in Ooyala IQ, the saved preset will be available to you any time you log into your user account (even if you access your account from another device).

Ability to Add All Assets when Filtering by Name in Ooyala IQ

In the Ooyala IQ Asset panel, when filtering by asset name, you can now select all assets that appear in the search results by simply clicking Add all search results.

New Legend for Ooyala IQ Segments Watched

In the Segments Watched section on the Ooyala IQ Video Details page, when you hover your mouse over a specific section on the graph, you can now see a legend that displays the time of the video in HH:MM:SS format with a play count.

Fix to Hours Watched Ooyala IQ Metric for Live Assets

We have implemented a fix for a bug where the hours watched metric was not reported correctly for live assets in Ooyala IQ for the Flash player. Ooyala IQ currently captures all of the Ooyala IQ metrics and content metadata for live assets except for the following:
  • Playthrough (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • Average playthrough
  • Segments watched
  • Live asset length

Documentation Releases

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