2016-03-31 Release

Notable contents of this release include new documentation for Apple FairPlay Streaming integration and setting concurrent stream limits per studio requirements.

Software Feature Releases

Enforcing Per-Studio Limits on Concurrent Streams

The Category API allows you to group assets according to the concurrent stream limits required by a studio or other content owner. You create a category for a studio, set the limit of concurrent streams allowed by that studio, then assign specific assets to the category. Actions taken on categories do not change any of the attributes associated with the assets within the category, it only changes their categorization. Use the Backlot API to work with categories of movies. Use the Rights Locker API to set limits on the categories for a specific user. All category routes are authenticated prior to allowing access. See Enforcing Per-Studio Limits on Concurrent Streams for details on how this works.

Apple FairPlay

The Ooyala Player API for Apple FairPlay provides server-side support for Apple's FairPlay Streaming (FPS) by processing an FPS key request and returning a key response (CKC). Once you send your FPS credentials to Ooyala, at runtime your asset gets its CKC using Player API routes. See Apple FairPlay and DRM Attributes for Remote Assets (Including Live Streams) for details on how this works.

Documentation Releases

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