2016-05-06 Release

Notable contents of this release include new Ooyala Player and Ooyala Ingestion Service documentation.

Documentation Releases

  • Adding a Custom Branding Overlay to Player V4: Added a new topic describing how to add a custom watermark to Player V4.
  • Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS) v2.5 Added to the Documentation: Ooyala is migrating customers from OIS v1 to OIS v2.5. Once complete, OIS v1 will be deprecated and eventually disabled. If you have any questions, contact your Ooyala representative.

    During migration, the Ingestion documentation will cover both OIS v2.5 and OIS v1. Certain sections, where indicated, will apply to just one version.

    For OIS v2.5, the term manifest file is used throughout the documentation to describe what was previously called "XML metadata" (now called XML manifest file) and "CSV metadata" (now called CSV manifest file). In addition to metadata, a manifest file can contain other information (such as pointers to remote assets) used to define the ingested asset in Backlot.

  • Player Authorization API for Player V3 (Deprecated): Added support for DASH to Authorization API.

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