2016-07-01 Release

Notable contents of this release include Ooyala Live version 2.0.0 and support for live server side ad insertion in Player V4.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.0.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • UI enhancements have been added for Channels, Events, and Schedules.
  • The user is now prompted to select an ad slate during ad channel creation.
  • RTP ingest is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • Event creation is now validated.
  • HLS with FairPlay DRM is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • DASH CENC with PlayReady is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • The user can now create and start events directly from the Events page.
  • Ad hoc channels will automatically stop if there are no upcoming events in the next 30 minutes.
  • The following Azure support has been added:
    • Live channel and event management.
    • DRM/Encryption:
      • Smooth stream + PlayReady
      • DASH CENC + PlayReady
      • DASH CENC + Widevine Modular
      • HLS + FairPlay
      • eHLS
    • DVR
    • Live to VOD
  • The archive limit for events has been increased to 8 hours.
  • Live to VOD support without ads has been added for Ooyala packaged channels.
  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) support has been added for Player V4 via the Player V4 SSAI Pulse plugin. To access the plugin, see Ooyala-hosted Player V4 Resources. For more information about SSAI, see Ooyala Live Stream Integration (SSAI).

Resolved Issues

  • There were issues with enabling Facebook Syndication. Those issues have been resolved.
  • There were issues with encrypted HLS streams. Those issues have been resolved.
  • There were issues with the Akamai package channel creation page. Those issues have been resolved.

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue with Azure encrypted HLS streams. They may buffer excessively, causing streams not to play back smoothly.
  • VOD asset trimming on events created on Azure Live Channels is not working properly in either Auto START/STOP and Manual START/STOP.
  • MP4 File duration generated by Elemental Delta after the event ends is not accurate in comparison to the event duration that was originally selected.
  • Closed caption extraction and uploading to Backlot when performing Live to VOD with Ooyala Package channels is not currently supported.

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