2016-07-21 Release

Notable contents of this release include streamlining Discovery documentation.

Documentation Releases

  • Discovery APIs. Removed all references to discovery personalization by device (/v2/discover/personal), which is no longer supported. Deleted the following pages:
    • help-ooyala.brightcove.com/video-platform/tasks/cd_api_get_personalized.html
    • help-ooyala.brightcove.com/video-platform/api/content_discovery_personalization.html
    Updated the following pages:
  • Discovery documentation. Streamlined and consolidated various topics. Deleted the following page: help-ooyala.brightcove.com/video-platform/concepts/content_discovery_createprofile.html.

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This content was published on 07/21/16 at 11:00 PM UTC.