2016-08-04 Release

Notable contents of this release include new Ooyala IQ features.

Software Feature Releases

Maximum Number of Assets in Popular Now.

We've increased the number of assets you can view in the Popular Now section. Now you can track up to 100 assets along with the number of users watching them in real time!

Zoom Buttons.

We've added an easier, more intuitive way to interact with charts and see more detail for fifteen-minute and hourly breakdowns. Zoom in and zoom out buttons help you focus on the level of detail you want.

Segments Watched chart now shows percentages even when Asset Duration is unavailable.

We're displaying the Segments Watched chart even for assets that don't have a set length. Percentage is shown instead of time when hovering over chart points.

Proper links for Dashboard assets.

We've added proper links for assets in the Dashboard page that will enable interactions users are accustomed to.

Documentation Releases

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