2016-08-18 Release

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Notable contents of this release include the introduction of eCommerce API, Version 3, Release 1.

Software Feature Releases

eCommerce API, Version 3, Release 1

This is the first release of eCommerce Version 3, a generalized open eComm framework. The APIs in the eCommerce Version 3, Release 1, include the ability to register and confirm payment methods, as well as to create subscriptions and one-time rentals. Please contact your Ooyala Customer Support Manager for more information.

Sample API calls:

  • To register a payment method:
    POST /commerce/v3/accounts/payment-methods/token?account_token=&pcm_id=V&bv_id=V
  • To confirm a payment method:
    POST /commerce/v3/accounts/payment-methods?account_token=&pcm_id=V&bv_id=V
  • To create a subscription (SVOD):
    POST /commerce/v3/accounts/subscriptions?account_token=&pcm_id=V&bv_id=V
  • To create a one-time charge for TVOD or a rental:
    POST /commerce/v3/accounts/onetime-charges?account_token=&pcm_id=V&bv_id=V

The subscription and revenue provider you use will issue IDs for your account. In the code samples above the IDs are indicated by "V". This release maintains the integration with Vindicia as a subscription and revenue solutions provider.

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