2016-09-14 Release

Notable contents of this release include Player V4 Web (v4.7.9).

Software Feature Releases

Player V4 Release - Version 4.7.9

New Features in this Player Release

  • New Google Analytics Plugin for Player V4. The Player V4 Google Analytics plugin (googleAnalytics.min.js) supports integrating Google Analytics with the Ooyala HTML5 web player versions 4.7.9 and above.
  • Support for Multiple Ad Managers on the Same Page. You can now load and use multiple ad plugins (Freewheel, VAST, and Google IMA ad plugins) on the same page. If all three were loaded on a page, for example, and you had multiple embedded players on the page, Player A and Player B could both use IMA, Player C could use Freewheel, and Player D could use VAST. For details, see Integrating Multiple Ad Managers.
  • Enabling the Google IMA countdown timer. For the Google IMA plugin, the useGoogleCountdown page-level parameter displays the Google IMA countdown timer while still enabling clickthroughs to be triggered by clicks on the video. For details, see Google IMA-Specific Embedded Parameters.

Default Player Links

To update to the latest Player V4 version from a previous version of Player V4:
  1. Download and host all of the new player resources (core plugin, skin plugins, CSS, font, and image resources, video plugins, ad plugins, analytics plugins, and so on) and update your resources to point to these new files.
  2. If you've customized your own Player skin using your own version of skin.json, download the latest skin.json file and merge any changes in this file with your customized skin.json file.
  • Core Player (required)
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/core.min.js
  • Player Skin
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.js
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/skin-plugin/skin.json
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.css
  • Video Plugins (at least one required)
    • Main video plugin for HLS and MP4: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/video-plugin/main_html5.min.js
    • OSMF Flash plugin for HDS: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/video-plugin/osmf_flash.min.js
    • Bitmovin plugin for HLS and DASH: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/video-plugin/bit_wrapper.min.js
    • Akamai HD video plugin: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/video-plugin/akamaiHD_flash.min.js
  • Ad Plugins
    • Ooyala Pulse Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/ad-plugin/pulse.min.js
    • VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/ad-plugin/ad_manager_vast.min.js
    • Google IMA Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/ad-plugin/google_ima.min.js
    • FreeWheel Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/ad-plugin/freewheel.min.js
  • Analytics Plugins
    • Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/analytics-plugin/omniture.js
    • Google Analytics Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/analytics-plugin/googleAnalytics.min.js
    • Player V4 YOUBORA Plugin: https://smartplugin.youbora.com/v5/javascript/ooyalav4/stable/sp.min.js
    • comScore Analytics Plugin: Please contact your account manager for access to this plugin.
  • Discovery Plugin
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/other-plugin/discovery_api.min.js
  • Live SSAI Pulse Plugin
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.7.9/ad-plugin/ssai_pulse.js

Fixed Issues

Fixes in this release include:
  • 608/708 captioning was not available with Android HLS in Chrome. Android Chrome does not detect and include the caption in the <video> element textTrack.
  • With the Google IMA ad plugin, the player blinked just before displaying an overlay ad.
  • With the VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin, if you scrubbed the ad past an overlay, then the mid-roll ad was skipped.
  • The initiaBitrate was not behaving consistently across some browsers.
  • HLS live streaming was stuttering/freezing on desktop environments.
  • DASH + Playready was not playing correctly on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
Other known issues from previous Player V4 releases have been fixed if they do not appear on the Known Issues list below.

Important Note for this Release

  • Device registration for Dash DRM is currently not supported.
See Player V4 Release Notes for a full list of known issues for this release.

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