2016-09-30 Release

Notable contents of this release include upgrades to the Dashboard and Business Intelligence board for Live and Video-on-Demand content types.

Ooyala IQ Release - Version 1.6.2

The features below apply both to Live content types as well as Video-on-Demand content types.


  • The overall Concurrent User Trending chart across your entire account can be seen at one-minute granularity level when login takes place. The Concurrent User Trending view presents a snapshot at a given moment. The view is updated at each one-minute interval.
    • You can select one asset from the Popular Now window or from the Trending Past Hour window, and see Concurrent User Trending for each asset.
    • This Trending chart is a dynamic, moving chart that spans from the current moment back to four hours ago. It is updated in real time.
    • You can zoom in and out of the chart.
    • You can get the peak concurrent user in the chart.

Business Intelligence

  • The Business Intelligence Board end-to-end latency has been reduced to 90 minutes.
  • You can go to the Reach tab and see concurrent user historical data.
  • You can pick any time window, from a minimum of 15 minutes to maximum of 2 days, to see the trending of concurrent users. For example, if you select 03/30/16 12:00pm to 03/30/16 12:15pm, you will get data points for 12:00pm, 12:14pm.
  • You can get one-minute data granularity for concurrent user metrics for your overall account, as well as each asset. You can filter by multiple video assets, with an upper limit of 50.
  • You can get the peak concurrent user in the Concurrent Trending chart.
  • You can view the average concurrent user per minute in the lefthand panel.

Note: No other dimensional breakdown for concurrent user (device, geo, etc.) is supported currently. This means that there is no filter capability for these dimensions. When the user is in one-minute concurrent user view, all filters other than asset are disabled. Likewise, when a filter other than asset is applied, one-minute granularity is disabled.

Note: Concurrent user metrics can only be shown at the one-minute granularity level. If you change the granularity to another value, like fifteen minutes, one hour, etc., the view will automatically switch to show unique users.

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