2016-10-13 Release

Notable contents of this release include an option in Backlot to syndicate with Roku Direct Publisher.

Software Feature Releases

Backlot - Roku Direct Publisher

New Features and Enhancements

  • "Roku Direct Publisher" is a new Roku WYSIWYG administration tool for publishers and content owners to create and brand a Roku app quickly. See the article on Syndication with Roku Direct Publisher for more information. Also see the developer docs at https://developer.roku.com/publish for details on how to create a Roku app using Roku Direct Publisher.
  • Live: You can create short clips from a channel while it is running, save the clips to Backlot, and optionally syndicate them to Facebook. This is a great way to share highlights or teasers from your live stream with viewers. The clips can be up to five minutes long.

Documentation Releases

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