2017-01-12 Release

Ooyala Live release v2.6.0 includes segment snapping (when trimming Live to VOD) and notification enhancements.

Software Feature Releases

Ooyala Live v2.6.0 (2017-01-12)

New Features and Enhancements

Segment snapping when trimming Live to VOD

For customers editing live streaming content for VOD, previously, when a Live to VOD video was trimmed, the UI let them set trim values to the second. This gave the impression that the VOD platform would accept trim values to that accuracy, which it does not. Now, trimming snaps to the segment boundaries of the associated Live channel's encoding profile. This new feature is automatically applied when you trim video content.

To modify a channel's encoding profile (often 6 or 10 seconds), contact Ooyala Support.

Notifications Improvement

For monitoring their channels for alerts on channels with Ooyala Encode and Ooyala Package, Ooyala Live has a new channel status called 'alerting'. This status is activated when there are any alert conditions. This new feature is automatically applied. You do not need to modify a channel's profile.

Ooyala Live Notifications

Alerts are captured from Encoder and Packager and displayed in the notifications area. When the alert is resolved (automatically or by human intervention) the channel returns to 'running' state.

Typical alert conditions could include:

  • Problems with Encoder input or output
  • Problems with Packager input or output

This feature facilitates improved debugging. Further debugging information has also been added to email notifications. In case of an issue, provide the debugging information in the email to Ooyala Support.

Known Issues

  • When filtering events by On-Air state or Off-Air state, the results returned might not be accurate.
  • On the Events page, when you select a different date range, pagination for the events does not work.
  • For a trimmed asset, the event start and stopped times do not match the event duration while the event is in Stopping, Off-Air state. Duration will be correct when the event reaches Stopped, Off-Air state.

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