2017-08-03 Release

Ooyala Player v4.16.8 Released

This player release provides maintenance fixes that improve performance. See Ooyala Player V4 Release Notes for details.

New FairPlay DRM Policy Attribute

With the rental_duration_seconds attribute, you can set a time limit on how long playback of a rented video asset is permitted. This attribute is available in FairPlay DRM policies. For more information, see DRM Policies.

Updated Description of HDCP and CGMS Attributes in Widevine Modular DRM Policies

The hdcp and cgms attributes in Widevine Modular DRM policies indicate not only whether HDCP and CGMS protection are used, but also what type of HDCP or CGMS is used. For HDCP, specify V1 or V2. For CGMS, specify free, once, or never. For more information, see DRM Policies.

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This content was published on August 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM UTC.