2017-12-22 Release

Ooyala Mobile SDK v4.31.0

This release introduces support for VR 360 video playback, extends ID3 tag support, and fixes previous issues. See the following topics for details:

Ooyala Integration with Chromecast Update

Chromecast integration has been optimized to work with the latest Ooyala player. The code and documentation has been updated. See Introduction to Chromecast Integration.
Note: If you implemented Chromecast integration using the previous Ooyala version (see Chromecast and Ooyala (Deprecated)), you can update to the latest version by completing the upgrade steps described in Introduction to Chromecast Integration.

Ooyala Live v3.5.0 Release Update

Digital Rights Management (DRM) supported for HA channels.

After extensive testing on multiple devices, operating stems, and browsers, High Availability (HA) channels now support the use of DRM enabled channels as sub-channels.
Important: All HA sub-channels created with DRM enabled profiles must use the same DRM packaging output profile.

For more details about Ooyala Live HA channels, read Setting Up a High Availability Channel.

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