Managing API Settings

Use the Developers subtab under the ACCOUNT tab to view and manage settings for programmatically interfacing with your Backlot UI library.

Getting to the Developers subtab

To get to the Developers subtab:

  1. Log in to the Backlot UI. The Backlot UI opens.
  2. Click the ACCOUNT tab.
  3. Click the Developers subtab.

API Key and Secret

Backlot UI displays the API key and secret that is assigned to your user account. You use these credentials for signing HTTP requests and for using the Scratchpad. For more information, see Your API Credentials.


You can specify the URL of a service that accepts a GET request when, after an API upload, the transcoding of a file completes. The GET request contains the embed_code (ID assigned to an asset) and any related information. You can specify multiple URLs in a comma-separated list. For details, see API Ping URL.