Syncing Third-Party Metadata with Ooyala IQ

If you are using a third party player with Ooyala IQ you can sync your content metadata in your non-Ooyala CMS with the Ooyala Backlot CMS so that you can identify your videos in IQ. New metadata can be ingested every 5 minutes. Metadata syncing is not required, but recommended if you want to get rich analytics with metadata information from IQ. Without syncing your metadata, you will not be able to view your video titles in the IQ user interface (see the image below for an example of what this would look like).

Note: If you want to sync your metadata, you must provide Backlot with an external_id for each asset. An external_id is a custom identifier for the asset that Ooyala IQ will use to display asset metadata in the UI. The external_id should be the content ID from your CMS so you can map the asset back to your CMS. Without an external_id you will not be able to see asset metadata in Ooyala IQ. For MRSS metadata syncing, the external_id is provided through the XML field guid. For remote asset metadata syncing, you must associate an external_id in the body of the POST request.

To sync your content metadata in your non-Ooyala CMS with Backlot, do one of the following. Note that the video asset is not pulled into Backlot.

  • Create one or more MRSS feeds (one per provider) to pull your metadata into Backlot and send the URL to where the XML is hosted to Brightcove Technical Support. Make sure to use the guid tag and ooyala:remoteasset tag for metadata-only ingestion. For example, use it to pass the remote asset URL: <ooyala:remoteasset durationInMs='5000' url="http://domain/your_remote_asset.mp4"/> . See Ingesting from a Remotely Hosted MRSS Feed for documentation on setting up, using, and validating MRSS feeds and see Ingesting Remote Assets via MRSS for details on how to ingest remote assets via MRSS.
    Note: You cannot use this functionality until you send the URL to your XML file to Ooyala Technical Support and request to have the feature enabled.


  • Implement the Backlot APIs to sync the remote asset metadata into Backlot using "asset_type":"remote_asset". See Remote Assets for documentation on how to add remote asset metadata to Backlot using the Backlot APIs. You must associate each asset with an external_id by adding the external_id parameter in the POST body. If you are using the YouTube CMS, use "asset_type":"youtube".