Applying Filters to the Business Intelligence Page

Use filters to drill down on certain dimensions on the Business Intelligence page. You can apply up to 3 dimension filters at a time.

To apply filters to the Business Intelligence page:

  1. Start with the unfiltered view of the dimension.
  2. Click the filter icon on the far right top of the dimension panel.

    The icon changes color and the filtering options appear.

  3. Along the left side, click the checkboxes for items you want to filter by. As you select items, they are moved to the top of the list and sorted.
  4. In the text box at the top, if desired, enter additional filter terms, and hit enter. These search terms are case-insensitive. The results of the search terms will be listed beneath the items you selected by checkbox.
  5. Click Apply. The results of the filtering are displayed in table format. The filter is applied across the entire Business Intelligence Page.

Additional possible actions you can take:

  1. To create a preset filter from your choices, see Using Preset Filters in the Business Intelligence Page.
  2. To cancel the filter, click the X in the area that says "x items selected".
  3. You can see the data in an expanded table view by clicking the diagonally point arrows in the upper right of the table. See Viewing Expanded Tables.
  4. Set the date range on the Business Intelligence page.
    • You can apply 3 dimension filters for date ranges up to 1 month (31 days) in the Ooyala IQ UI or with the v3 Analytics API.
    • You can apply 2 or fewer dimension filters for date ranges up to 1 year (366 days) in the Ooyala IQ UI or with the v3 Analytics API.
    • The Discovery information is available with only the Player filter applied or without any filters applied. If any other filters are used (Country, Device, etc.), Discovery data will not be available. To view Discovery data, deselect all filters except Player or deselect all filters.